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WordPress is the most favored platform for blogs and websites. It offers so many features and makes blogging or creating an attractive site so much easy. However, once you start with it, you should check if your blog post is really secure. There are so many features in WordPress that makes it easy for hackers to retrieve vital and sensitive information. Here is a look at what you need to do to optimize your WordPress folder:


1. Move the upload folder for media files to another location



 Doing this will help you easily manage WordPress backups. When images are presented from a different domain, page load time will improve by this action.

2. Eliminate Meta Tags that don’t need to be present in the WordPress header

You can do this with simple action statements in HTML for removal. By removing these tags, you will be making your WordPress blog more secure.

3. Prevent your files by using htaccess



You certainly don’t want people to find out what is inside your WordPress files and folders. Using a line in the ht access file help to prevent unauthorized access and remove people from seeing files through the explorer view.

4. Protect your wp-admin directory



Be sure to protect your wp-admin directory with password security. Here you have to keep a note of your login name, password for WordPress and new password for wp-admin directory to access your blog and directory whenever required.

5. Change your permalink structure which is helpful in SEO



 If you look into the permalink structure, you will find that it is not really helpful for Search engine optimization. Change the structure to one that assists SEO because this will assist search engines in finding your site easily in search listings.

6. Turn off the revision feature



One of the things that WordPress offers is a revisions feature through which it tracks all the revisions that you have done in your blog. Though this is useful what it actually does is increases the size of the WordPress wp-posts. Turn this feature off so that the posts don’t take up so much space.

7. Change the admin privileges for security reasons

Change the admin privileges to subscriber because this enhances security for your blog. When the WordPress username is admin, it is possible for anyone to access your administrator privileges. In order to resolve this issue, create a new user and giving it administrator privileges. Now you should get into this new user account and change the privileges of admin to that of subscriber. You must delete the admin user completely after transferring all rights to the new user. This way no one will get access to admin privileges.

8. Prevent indexing of XML sitemap



Though XML sitemaps help search engines find your site faster and crawl through it more easily, they should not display it in search results. You can remove this problem, by adding a line to prevent indexing of XML sitemap in the ht access file.

Checkout this video for detail information:


Follow these points and your WordPress blog is more organized and secure than before. You will be able to work with it confidently, without having to worry if a third person can access your personal information.

If you have more new points, please share with us.


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