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About Veom Training Institute 

Veom Training Institute is a subsidiary of Veom Infotech, which was initiated in 1989. We were established with the objective of providing quality and cost effective IT solutions., we have diversified into training and offer courses in internet marketing and graphics design.

We make internet marketing, website design and development easy for you with our structured courses. The course material has been written by experts and covers the latest information on best practices, techniques, strategies in SEO, SMO, Web Design and Development.

Skills in these subjects have a big demand in the I.T industry because businesses are moving online to capture customers and markets. There is a huge demand for people who can design websites and applications or carry out online marketing campaigns. Completing a certified course in web designing and application development or internet marketing fetches a rewarding career. Our courses are designed to give knowledge needed to make you confident in these subjects and get a career that is well paying and satisfying.

Each course is detailed and covers those topics that are most essential for becoming adept in your chosen subject. They offer in-depth information which assists in facing real work challenges. You will have exhaustive classroom sessions after which you will move onto practical sessions, where you will get hands-on learning experience. Your every query and concern will be addressed by expert staff. You will work on live projects to sharpen skills in the course of study. After the course is completed, you will get a certificate that will enhance career prospects manifold. The course will give confidence to work independently and help accomplish your goals.

We will teach those techniques and strategies that are the latest and most effective. By learning them you will be able to accomplish work tasks and achieve goals such as carry out SEO successfully for a business website, promote a site through social media or design an attractive ecommerce site. Our enriched classroom experience enables you to learn the subject extensively and know how to put concepts into practice. The hands-on learning experience coupled with expert staff makes learning here a wonderful experience that will fetch desired results.

Veom Training Institute

Veom Training Institute