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industrial training program

Project Based Industrial Training

Veom Training Institute offers a six months/weeks industrial training course in SEO, SMO, web design and development. Our training platform is unique, enriching and offers expert knowledge. We provide course materials that teach skills required in the work place and include the latest practices, techniques and strategies followed in the industry.

How do you benefit from our courses?

SEO, SMO, web design and development are lucrative fields which offer high salaries. People with skills in these fields are in great demand because businesses today are driven by the internet. This has resulted in an immense need for people who can design, create applications or carry out internet marketing. Taking a course from us will help you to enter a rewarding career in web design, development or internet marketing.



Why Veom Training Institute?

In order to enroll into a course of your choice, fill the registration form and submit it before the course commencement date. Each course is designed to give corporate exposure and show what kind of challenges you will be experiencing in the work place.

Our six months training offers the following benefits:

US based IT company

On completion of the course you will get a certificate that will enhance job prospects. The certificate will enable you to get a job in your chosen100 percent satisfaction gurantee subject at top companies in any part of the country. Since the course exposes you to industry methodologies you will have the skills needed to face work scenarios.

Our training center has the latest training facilities. Each student will be assigned a system to learn. After a classroom session, they have to work on practical exercises. They get to use the latest technologies which give them valuable skills. On successful completion of course and project, we will assist in placement.


For Winter Industrial Training Program Fee: Call Our IT Experts at : 9811745117

Veom Training Institute

Veom Training Institute