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Is it necessary for a site developer to know SEO? Isn’t it enough for the developer to know just the latest designing techniques? No, SEO is not all about implementing strategies through links and content. It is also involved in the design phase, so a developer who is able to incorporate SEO elements into the site design makes it easier to implement SEO. Since SEO plays as big a role as design elements in making their client’s site popular, knowing how it should be included into the site design is the key to creating a successful site.

search engine optimization

What Are The Important SEO Factors That A Web Developer Should Be Aware Of?

The first thing that a developer should know is how search engine optimization is related to the site design. A site that is simple, with a sitemap and proper links can be quickly found by search engines. This makes it easy for search engines to pull it up during relevant user searches. The second most important thing to know is how to write the site’s URL. URL is the tool used by search engines to find out if a site is relevant to their user’s search request.

Search engines have a particular way of reading the URL and by following it a developer can create a proper URL that will be quickly picked during searches. The flow of the URL should be – protocol, Domain (sub, root, top level), subfolder, web page, page parameter and anchor text. This flow gives a proper organization to the URL and enables search engines to read it fast and display it up during searches. Developers should keep the meta tags interesting and short as search engines use them to find which web pages are relevant to what users are looking.

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The third point to check is coding. There should be absolutely no coding errors on the page. The page should load neatly and fast, only then will users be interested in staying on it. Visitors quickly leave the site that does not load fast. So coding should be done in such a way that site loads as soon as it is clicked. This retains visitor’s interest and enables them to quickly move to the pages on which they want to reach.

Developers should look into building sites with a good architecture. Only then search engine spiders will be able to crawl through it to index relevant pages. Though Google says that it crawls through all the pages on the internet, in reality it might not do so. How do you make their boots index new pages or all pages of a site for sure? Have a site architecture that’s enables them to reach new and updated content quickly.

search engine optimization

Finally, you should use the right redirects. Developers should concern themselves with redirects 301 and 302 only. Do not use any other redirects. 301 should be used for removing a page, moving a page or for directing users to the original page, when removing a duplicate page. 302 should be used when a page cannot be accessed for sometime or a site is being renovated and users have to be directed to a temporary site. Do not get these two redirects mixed up.

By looking into these points a web developer will lay the foundation for other SEO. SEO experts will not need any of these points to be addressed when they are implementing their SEO strategies, which enable them to carry out their work faster. With SEO, the site can reach out to its target audience in a shorter while.

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